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What we're playing

Here's where you will find our latest reviews of the games we love and maybe a few rants about the office, life, and other gamers.

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Here's the trailer for our upcoming series, release dates to be announced soon.

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Latest news

Latest news

Podcast happens on Tuesday! Make sure you check it out at:

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Here are just a few pics from around the office.

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Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew

The cast and crew of the show came on board for the love of the project and each other. With that combination they managed to pull off the impossible, shooting everything at lightning speed for practically zero budget. The group is excited to share their work with the world as ...

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Latest News

Comic-Con 2011

TheGameRev.com wrapped up a successful tour of Comic-Con 2011. We hit up gamers at every stop, sharing our “Booth at Comic-Con” music video and passing out information about the show. We caught the eye of KROQ and made it onto the Comic-Con Round-up at: KROQ Comic-Con Roundup. In addition, our friends over at Jimmy Fallon added us to their blog on Comic-Con as well at: Jimmy Fallon Blog . TheGameRev.com is the link at the bottom “Gamers go to Comic-Con.”

All in all it was a very successful adventure that left both producers and writers exhausted. Hopefully we reached the gaming community as we participated in events all around like the EW Party, the Sprint Center, South Park Land and anyone else who would have us. Hit us up with any questions you might have about the event!


Comic Con runs July 21-24, 2011. Information can be found at:


Ryan and Trent launched their new music video on Friday, “Booth at Comic Con.” In prepping for Comic Con this year they have big plans for making sure they don’t get locked out again. Watching the video will get those who always attend excited about an all new year and for those who have yet to go, you will not want to miss it. This is merely a small taste of the craziness at Comic Con every year.

Directed by Jeff Ketcham, the guerilla style shooting presented many challenges. Attendees were eager to play, but the crowds make the logistics complicated for getting your shot. Victoria Tidmarch, director of photography, did an amazing job getting it in the can with no camera crew. Despite the exhausting days, everyone had a blast at the convention.

SMODern Warfare Call of Mewes Game Off

Team TheGameRev.com will be playing the best of the best tomorrow at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk. Jeff Ketcham, Craig Bonacorsi, Ben Perry, and Leo Jaramillo will represent as they take on Jason Mewes and other contenders in the double elimination competition. The games will be podcast live by GamerGeekDad and Jason Mewes. Listen for the team and we will keep you updated via Twitter and Facebook during the game.

This should be a great day for TheGameRev.com, keep your eyes peeled for photos of the event. You can come out an play too if you register at SMODern Warfare. The guys are looking forward at testing their gaming prowess against some worthy opponents.

Coverage for Episode One, Number Two Launches Tomorrow!

TheGameRev.com crew has enjoyed talking to many outlets about their new project. OMFGeek posted the show on the front page as well as an interview with Jeff and Pharaba. The Web Series Magazine came out this past week with the ad for TheGameRev.com as well photos of Rich Mbariket wearing the show’s shirt.

Web Series Today, Web to Watch and Cast TV have all been helping the show push forward to gain an audience, including tweeting about how the theme song has been stuck in their heads. Only time will tell if the song this week will become just as catchy. The numbers are slowly growing as the word gets out. As the group gears for entrance into the Banff Television Festival Web Contest as well as ITVF they work to keep encouraging viewers to the site. Episode 2 launches tomorrow, April 7th, at 10am Pacific.

TheGameRev.com Launches Season One

The premiere is coming, Thursday March 31st the first episode of TheGameRev.com will be up. Thank you for waiting patiently for us to get everything together. Thanks to the help of Chris Ueda and his fine web building skills, David Edgerly and his amazing 8bit drawings, Tim Wilkerson and his animating talents, and of course Ben Perry’s beautiful voice, the intro for the show is finally complete so why not LAUNCH!

We shamelessly plugged ourselves all through the LA Webfest and made lots of friends who were not only interested in our show but also in helping us get the word out there. Rich Mbariket even wore our shirt for one of the days and we got media coverage all over town including at Barney’s Beanery. Look out for a link soon where you can buy your own GameRev swag! Look for us in the very first Web Series Magazine put out by the Web Series Network.

Of course this release wouldn’t be complete without shouting out our congrats to all those who were honored at the LA WebFest including our own Pharaba Hacker-Witt, Jeff Ketcham, Craig Bonacorsi, and AJ Wedding. INFAMOUS took home Outstanding Dramedy honors as well as awards for writing (AJ and Craig), directing (Jeff) and acting (Craig, again). The whole festival brought out many players in the business as well as many good ideas on how to turn all of this hard work into a profitable entertainment model. We hope INFAMOUS finds a home as well as helps us grow the audience for TheGameRev.com. We are doing our best to develop a channel where loyal fans will always find new entertainment, whether we entertain you or we just point you in the direction of something new and exciting.


The producers and creators of TheGameRev.com are busy supporting one of their earlier projects, “Infamous” at the LA WebFest this weekend. Pharaba Hacker-Witt speaks on a panel Friday, March 25th at 2:30, Jeff Ketcham at 10am on Sunday, and AJ Wedding and Craig Bonacorsi round out the panel discussion Sunday at noon. The screening of the show starts at 11am Sunday the 27th. The festival should be a great place to promote the show and to see what else is out there. The goal is to make Cross Platform Players and the group works endlessly to put out quality product on a shoestring budget! Come check out the screening, buy the tickets at: LA WebFest

As if that isn’t enough, the crew is working to finish the short written by Craig Bonacorsi on Saturday. Produced by Jeff and Pharaba and Directed by AJ the experience has shown how far they’ve come as a production team in the years since starting on Infamous. It has been a whirlwind few weeks for the group and to have this project almost in the can just adds to the excitement.

Ryan McCord’s Review of Dead Island Trailer reaches 10,000 views!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should really check it out. We have moved our main page over to our new channel: Cross Platform Players on YouTube but the original upload has passed 10,000 views in just over a week. Not too bad. Keep up the good work, Ryan!
New Cross Platform Player Channel, Dead Island Review

We’re Up!

The Rich Mbariket Show featuring Jeff and Pharaba is up and running. Take a listen when you have some time.
Rich Mbariket Show: TheGameRev.com

TheGameRev.com Executive Producers speak on the Rich Mbariket Show

Tomorrow our recording should be uploaded as the owner of the Web Series Network interviewed us to find out exactly how we put together our little web series. It was great talking to him, he has insightful questions and really makes you think about why and how you do what you do. We had a great time talking with him and we think you will enjoy listening. So if you are just a fan or are looking to build your own series you should logon to Web Series Network tomorrow and take a listen. Web Series Network is also launching a newspaper dedicated to the world of web content on April 1st. TheGameRev.com will have a featured ad in the premiere edition. Buy the newspaper and mention us!

Hope you enjoy!

Season 1 Trailer is Live!

After much anticipation the trailer to Season 1 is officially live! You can find it under the Episodes link above. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think via Facebook and Twitter!